Prosperita Chinese Restaurant in Rome, Italy: A Review

This Chinese restaurant is located in North Rome at via Longone Sabino 13, and it is at the second floor of a small shopping center and above a dance club. As soon as you enter the restaurant you will notice the red and gold décor that seems to bring you back to China. It is a place where old Europe meets Asia.

The prices of the restaurant are good in the very expensive Rome and their client base seems to be a mixture of regulars and new ones as the waiters and owners often greet their clients by name.

For starters the restaurant will serve what they call “Chinese bread” on the house, which is a type of sesame seed dough. But you can also share (or have them for yourself) different appetizers such as spring rolls for 1.50 Euros, fried dumplings for 2.50 Euros , “nuvolette di drago” (Dragon clouds) which are some shrimp fries for 1.50 Euros or go with the platter which is a mixture of different appetizers for 3.00 Euros.

As an entrée you can try with different kinds of rice’s such as the Cantonese fried rice or chicken with rice for 2.50 Euros or rice with pine nuts and pineapple for 3.00 Euros. Or if you prefer pasta noodles you can try their soy spaghetti with spicy beef sauce or with vegetables for 3.00 Euros.

If you are a meat lover there are a variety between chicken, pork, beef and duck. For the chickens there is the very popular Kung Pao chicken for 4.00 Euros or Lemon chicken either fried or non fried for 4.00 Euros as well, or you can try their Curry chicken or you can order beef Curry. For their pork menu you can order the sweet and sour pork or spicy pork with vegetables for 4.00 Euros. There is also the duck that is pretty good and reasonable priced for example you can try the lemon duck, duck with pineapple sauce or duck with orange sauce for 5.00 Euros, or the very famous Pecking Duck for 8.50 Euros.

Of course there is space for the vegetarians out there as well; you can order the mixed vegetables, mushrooms and bambu or fried tofu for 3.00 Euros.

The interesting thing about this restaurant is that they have a full list of desserts, from fried ice cream to Lychees to the more “Italian” desserts such as tiramisu’ or Panna cotta or a mix of both worlds with what they call Chinese cake which is fried dough with melted Nutella inside.

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