Reviewing La Montecarlo Pizza in Rome, Italy

If you travel to Rome this is a trattoria behind Piazza Navona in Vicolo dei Savelli 12, a very narrow and small street that you must try. The building is actually divided in 3 different parts two inside areas and an outside patio (which is also open during the winter months with the patio being warmed by heat poles).

The prices are reasonable as you can eat a pizza for 10 Euros, and the service is fast. You can enjoy the typical roman fried appetizers such as “fiori di zucca” (Fried yellow squash flowers with anchovies), “olive ascolane”, “Baccala’ fillets” (Cod fish) and fried mozzarella or you can try a healthier appetizers and choose their vegetable cold buffet which is vegetables, parsley and anchovies, or there is the Italian appetizer which consists of prosciutto, salami and black olives. If you are undecided the best option is to choose the mixed fried appetizer and share it with someone, this consists of suppli’s, croquettes (which are the potato suppli’s), “fiori di zucca” , Ascolane stuffed olives, Baccala’ fillets, fried mozzarellas and French fries.

For their pizzas they have a wide variety of different ones, but take in consideration that Roman pizzas are extremely thin and therefore you are able to eat a whole one by yourself. The typical pizza to order is the Margherita, which is tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese. You can try the Marinara which does not have cheese on it but just tomato sauce, basil and oregano, or with the 4 cheeses, or the one that in Rome is called Napoletana which is a Margherita pizza with added anchovies. If you order a pepperoni pizza  you will be disappointed to find out that in Italy that is a vegetarianpizza and you will be served a pizza with peppers on it and not salami.

Of course you can still enjoy an entrée such as spaghetti con le vongole (spaghetti with clam sauce), or great Roman dishes like the rigatoni “alla carbonara” (a sauce with eggs and bacon) or the bucatini “alla amatriciana” (tomato sauce with bacon), or the spaghetti “alla arrabiata” (spicy tomato sauce) or a simple tonarelli cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper).

You have to save room for dessert; you can choose from a variety of different ones the most popular choices being tiramisu and the crème caramel, but you can also order white or chocolate truffle, pine nut cake, chocolate mousse or a lemon sorbet.

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