Is Perfume Toxic To You?

With continued research, scientists are continuing to correlate many common allergies, allergies to mold, migraine headaches, and breathing disorders to the “everyday” products used in our homes and offices.

From the perfumes we wear, to the construction materials in our furniture, we are exposed daily to small amounts of chemicals, which can ultimately be toxic for our bodies. Many cleaning products are widely known to contain ingredients that are associated with contributing factors of some forms of cancer to symptoms of allergies.

My favorite non toxic cleaner is Shaklee’s, Basic H2. It’s an organic, natural cleaning surfactant, that comes in a concentrated form. One 16-ounce bottle, can make over 200 bottles of all-purpose spray cleaner. The dilution levels of Basic H2, vary for the level of cleaning.

Two drops of Basic H2 in 16-ounces of water, will make over 5,000 bottles of window and glass cleaner. One & one-half teaspoons makes a degreaser cleaner, that easily tackled the grease film build-up, on the top of my kitchen cupboards.

Most of us can’t remove ourselves from all the toxic chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. One person that was forced to find a way to do this though, is Kathy Hemenway of Snowflake, Arizona. From childhood, she was sensitive to exposures of perfume, fabrics, cleaning products, etc. As she grew into adulthood, it only got worse.

Some of the modifications that Kathy Hemenway made to her home and environment, were pretty drastic. But, she educated herself and made the necessary changes to secure a better quality of life for herself.

Education is the key and that’s one of the primary reasons for my blog. By sharing this information, I endeavour to bring environmental and health options to my readers.

I hope you’ll take the time to read the L.A. Times article about Kathy Hemenway’s search for a Non Toxic Home and also the useful link entitled Beware These Household Chemicals.

Also, for more safe cleaning options that are Safe for You, Your Home, and Your Planet™, please check out the Safe, Powerful, Green & Smart cleaning products offered by Shaklee.

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