How to Make a Recipe your own

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We all have favorite recipes that we make over and over again. As we get experienced with cooking a particular dish we start to think of it as our own, but often times it’s really out of a magazine or cookbook. You can however alter a recipe and by doing so make it your own creation.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with tastes. Have a flair for Italian food? Try adding garlic, basil, oregano and other Italian seasonings to your favorite dishes. You can also try marinating your meats in your favorite wines before cooking them it can also give them that extra something they’ve been missing.

Personally I really love cloves in my baking. Try adding cloves or nutmeg to your sweet breads like banana or zucchini to give them a little extra flavor. Another helpful tip is to add soda in place of water in your cakes. This makes them much more moist and flavorful. Experiment with different amounts as some recipes can become too moist and fall apart!

Learn what each ingredient in your recipe does to modify the taste and texture of the dish. Understanding this allows you to alter recipes to do exactly what you want them to. Is your poultry not flavorful enough? Instead of adding more seasonings try adding more salt, it’ll bring out the natural flavor of the meat. If your favorite baked good isn’t fluffy enough for you try adding more leaveners like baking soda, baking powder and yeast.

Have fun with it and don’t worry if it doesn’t come out the way you want it to the first time around. The important thing is once you’ve gotten it right you’ll have a new recipe all your own!


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