The Obama Deception

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I’m sure you are all wondering why I’m saying this. ‘Obama is the best thing that happened to the United States’! Well, I’m here to shatter your dreams, as this is one of the most interesting documentary of the 2009 year. It is an truly shocking documentary revealing that he is a ‘puppet’, which the Federal Reserve, the private bank that loans the money to the United States and charges interest one it, hired to help expand the private banker’s wealth.

In the documentary, there is speculation that Barack Obama, like George Bush, are becoming a spokesperson for the Federal Reserve, where they will enact outrageous spending, laws or amendments in favor of the Federal Reserve. There is true reasoning from the documentary and some proof.

Bush has enacted so many new anti-terrorism laws that it is a terrible experience for anyone traveling to the U.S, and has turned the world economy into a slump, and becoming one of the most condemned person on the planet. He kept spending extravagant amounts of money on anything he wanted, leading the national debt to over 9 trillion, in which the Federal Reserve, makes money by charging interest on it.


Obama has done almost as worse, with recently approving so many bailouts of companies, most notably banks. The $800 billion bailout, plus lots of other deals. He is seen to be such a great speaker, but in fact, he is only helping out the people in the Federal Reserve, because it pays to be the president, with over $300 000 a year. His role will be helping America control the whole world of ‘New World Order’, in which all the countries will become ties with the U.S, and there will be one global currency.

I know a lot of you have doubt of my thesis, but watch the movie yourself, and compare their claims with your research. I’m sure you will be surprised at all the information the government doesn’t tell us and learn about how corrupt our system is. What I’m trying to express is my concern at how our World Economy will be if we don’t do anything for the middle class and lower class people, and only help the people on top of the pyramid, which is the people in the Federal Reserve.

Please discuss your concerns, questions, comments about Obama and this documentary.


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