Space Station and It’s Mishaps


Over the past couple of weeks the International Space Sataion has been having it’s share of mishaps. The first being the 19 million dollar toilet not working. Supposed to take care of 13 crew members on the American side of the space stattion this multi  million dollar labrotory decided not to work. This caused many inconviences for all members of the crew who has to us the Russian side for toilet facilities.

The crew managed to get this mess fixed and now the toilet is back on track and working just fine.

Now today the air purifying systen went down with visitors on the space station. Again on the American side of the station the machine that cleans the air over heated and tripped a circut breaker. They managed to put this machine on manual mode which means 6 more members having to mann mission control every day. Normally this software works itself but being in manual mode mission control every few hours has to send the information up to the station. More work, more money and still the Russian side is working just fine.


The crews plans are to leave on Tuesday with Monday holding room for one more space walk. The last one of those they did had a carbon monoxide build up. Supposidly this was rom one of the Astronaunts working too hard and too fast. He promises to be more careful this time and take it slow and easy.

I am not sure whats causeing all the issues up there right now but it does seem they are having more than their share of problems.

I do hope they solve all of these issues and who knows maybe next week it will be the Russians side time for troubles high up on the Space Station.

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