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Since the start of H1N1 pandemic, the disease is spreading worldwide which infected about 100’ooo persons and around 500 persons death according to the reproted data today. It just take one month since the annouchment of the H1N1 as a pandemic disease! How amazing within one month the reported casesof H1N1 became 100’000 cases. There are some authority saying that he unreported cases are actually over a million.

How many of us knowing what is actually H1N1 virus? Why there are so many viruses around us and causing disease in human being everyday but why the H1N1 is the one which so disastrous? How can it causes pandemic which infecting million of human being?

From the history of this virus. I will briefly explain about this virus. It is actually an Influenza virus which causing bird flu initially in human. But miracably, this is one of the viral species which is so mutatable and it able to change its genetic codes due to the environment factors and became another species of virus. From here we can see, this virus initially can be transmitted through birds and then from the birds to humans. Actually this Influenza virus which causing bird flu pandemic had mutated a few times and brought pandemic influenza disease to human every few years intermittently! Nowadays, this influenza virus again mutated and transmit the disease through the swine to humans! From the mutatability of the virus, we can understand why it is hard for the scientists and doctors to find a specific drug or medicine to cure the disease. The only thing the doctor can do is give symptomatic treatment to patients and let the patient’s own immune system to fight with the disease!

Good luck to All the human being!


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