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How many us know what depression is? And how many of us know what are the adverse effects that will probably jeopardise our health if we ignore it!

Indeed, “Depression” is the silent killer to everyone of us no matter who you are, what social status you are, and in what age category you are! Depression is actually a mood disorder according to Psychiatry. Part of the reason of development of this depresion is due to neurological disorder in patient. As what doctors alway say….almost every health problem of mankind is started from Central Nervous System….that is our brain and our spinal cord. For example, when people is under stress they may have headache, migraine, and if this stress persisit for long time people may develop chronic diseases such as hypertension, peptic ulcer and etc. When someone is over-worred about something they may develop schizophrenia and neurosis too. Thus, undoubtly, Central Nervous System is the number one culprit of some kind of diseases.

Here, in the case of depression, there would be activation of sympathetic nervous system in our body. Thus, causing elevation of systemic blood pressure and increase cardiac ejection fraction due to increase sympathetic nervous system. All this effects will cause overload of heart work and finally leads to heart failure. Besides this, depression can also lead to emotional instability in most people and indirectly increase the suicidal cases in our society.

Nevertheless, do not overlook the adverse effect of depression. Let’s pay more attention to your family members who has it or who has the symptoms of depression. Please remember, depression most frequently occurs in elderly people and always come together with cardiovascular and neurological diseases!

Good luck!


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