Halo 3: Legendary Map Pack

For those of you who have not made the big jump and purchased this pack yet, I hope this is useful to you.  There are three maps in this map pack and each of them is very unique.


Assembly gives you a hint of the old midship map of Halo3, but that is where it ends.  It is pretty much a circular symetrical map, with a few unique features from the general circle.  Important items on this map are the invisibility ball located in the center on the top floor, the Hammer in the center on the bottom floor (right below the invisibility, assesible from the top via a drop-down hole, and a Rocket Launcher perchased on a tower that is on teh elevation of a third floor.  This map is much larger than it first appears, with many holes to hide in when injured.  One of the best common weapons on this map is the Battle Riffle, or the covenant equivilent, becasue of the large open areas.


Orbital consistsof two “U” shaped paths, decorated in human decour, with no real way to go between them.  It has many obsticles that allows you to take cover in the long paths.  The two powered weapons on this map are both located on the curved end of the maps, one on each U.  The upper path has a rocket launcher, while the Lower one has a sniper rifle.  Like Assembly, this map also has many places to hide, and is best for games of Two-Way CTF.


Wow, where to begin on this map.  This is not a map, its three maps combined!  And seeing as how in normal battle, you do not go between the three layers (The crypt, main area, and skybox) it is really three maps.  The decour is very reminisant of SandTrap, the original map to come with Halo3 out of the box.  The crypt is a huge open space kind of like foundry and will allow a lot of new space for forging, and don’t forget Griffball!  The main area allows for fast pased battles, as well as enough vehicle fun for you vechicle lovers.  The skybox…wow, it is absolutley HUGE, but be careful, you need blocks up there, or your players will fall right through!

Hopefully this brief guide will help you  make your final choice in to buy the map pack or not!

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