A few Jokes I hope You Like

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The Man & the Frog.  Man: I got a leg Cramp.  Frog: I can Rub it, Rub it. for You

What do You get in an Air Conditioned Bank.  Cold Cash.

What did Trains in the Old West Eat for Lunch. Coal Cuts.

Who is Alexander Graham Bellski. The First Telephone Pole

How do You keep a Rhino from Charging. Take away it’s Credit Card.

If a Cat Won an Oscar, what do You call it. An Acatemy Award.

Why did the Man toss his Clock out of the Window. He Wanted to see Time fly.

Two Men in the House Man#1 says Can You go to the Window, Roll up the Blinds and Stand their & Stick out Your Toungue.

Man#2 Why should I do that.

Man#1 I am Mad at my Neighbor.

What did the Dog say when it Sat on Sandpaper.  Rough, Rough, Rough.

A not to Smart Man wanted to take his Family to the Zoo, but He saw the Sign City Zoo  Bare Left One Mile and The Polish Man Turned around went Home.

Smart astronaut: Men have been in Space, Walked on the Moon, Built a Space Station, Traveled to Distant Planets and taken PhotoGraphs. Now what can we do to top that. How about Traveling to the Sun.

Dumb Astronaut: That Sounds Great.

Smart Astronaut: No We can’t as it is to Hot duirng the Day.

Dumb Astronaut: So, We can go during the Night.

What do You get if Mr & Mrs Clean had a Boy & a Girl Clean. The Cleanest House in Town.

Who wrote the Song OH Say can You See (the Star Spangled Banner).  The Eye Doctor.

How do You tell a Boy Clone from a Girl Clone, You Pull Down it’s Gene’s

They Eye Doctor was Drunk and being Silly at a Party, so His Wife said Stop doing that before You make a Spectacle of Yourself.

Monkeys go Ape’s for Banana’s

What did the Man say about His Unrippen Green Banana’s. What a Bunch.

The Farmers Son started to Cry after His Dad told Him the Horse Eats it’s Mudder & Fadder.

The Horse said to the Rancher Hey this my isn’t Hay, Rancher says that is Alfalfa to the Horse. the Horse says  AL Who. Horse Says to the Rancher, where is my Feed to Feed Me. Farmer Says to the Horse in Jail. The Horse says to the Rancher go to the Station & Bale Me it out.


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