Six Tips for trekking in Himalayas

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Himalayas present breathtaking panoramic vistas of snow capped mountains that stretch across the horizon and beckon from afar.Sunsets that galdden your heart and sunrises that inspire new beginnings.Babbling brooks,crystal clear mountain springs and twisting mountain trails invite you to set out on a journey.There are four himalayan ranges in Uttaranchal,lying one behind the other.As the Himalayas rose,they formed three successive levels: the Lower Himalayas,the Higher Himalayas,the Tethys Himalayas.And the roaring snow-melt rivers that tumbled off these mountains ,carried down enormous quantities of soil,rocks and gravel.All this was spread a little to the south of the Lower Himalayas.The Himalayas offer attractive treks ranging from gentle excursions which are like extended rambles to those which are arduous enough to daunt even touch outdoor people.

Himalayan treks are not along well-worn trails.Never trek alone;always take a guide who knows the area and can speak to Himalayan people to their own language.There are few official agencies in the Garhwal region which organize treks into the Himalayas as do a number of private tour operators.

Always leave your itinerary with a responsible person at your base.

Remember that the whole of the Himalayas is a vast catchment area for the great rivers of the plains of India,that any pollution you produce will affect people downstream as the pollution of those who went before you will soil the apparently sparkling water of the mountain stream from which you drink.

Do not litter,donot be noisy,donot treat Himalayan people as curiosities.

Donot dress or behave in a way that would be offensive to the people of the mountains.Remember that you are an intruder and must make yourself acceptable to them.

Do not leave anything but your footprints.Do not take anything but your memories.


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