Day Three Sixy Five to Day One

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The New Year will be here and a New Calander Start, We must to Date our Checks and All Documents that are filled Out with a 2008. New Cars, Computers, Cell Phones and a whole bunch of other Things come out. We get a Good Deal on Items not Sold in 2007 as Stores have End of the Year Clearance Sales or Open Boxes of Merchandise remains Unsold. Babies are Born and they become kind of Famous for those Born at the Stroke of Midnight or Close to it. They make the News Only for a bit but a few Seconds of Fame can go a long way.Printers make Money on Calanders, Diaries and Planners as Famous People, Places and Things Sell Very well as We All like the Same & Different Things that will Highlight the Pages as We turn our Calanders from Month to Month. How 365 Days in a Calander Year came about is Amazing, it is Divided into 12 Months and each Month will have 31, 30, 29 or 28 Days. A Month is Composed is Divided into 4 Weeks and each Week is 7 Days Long. The Days are Named after Gods in Greece as the Greeks Invented the Calander and the Measurement of Time.

But it was not all Correct and in Later Years more was Known about Time and the Calander to make it What We Now Know to Print Calanders and make Watches and Clocks to keep TimeTicking to Measure Time and the Days that Pass. Hours, Minutes and Seconds it is Broken Down into as We have Watches around Our Wrists and Clocks on Our Walls. In One Day or 24 Hrs We Sleep 8 Hours, Work or go to School for 8 Hours and another 8 Hours for Ourselves to do what we need to do. We have Roughly 12 Hours of Day and 12 Hours of Night as Some of Us leave Home in the Morning and come Home at Night depnding on the Season it is. In the Winter the Sun Sets earlier at 4:30pm or so and in the Summer it is Daylight till around 8:30pm as the 4 Seasons go by Sun Up to Sun Down it is never the Same. So Day 1 to Day 365 is never the Same as The Calander seems Simple but it is not. We Rely on Our Planet, Moon, Solar System and the Stars Who Revolve around The Stationary Sun to Keep the Days Going in Our Calander Year. A Lot Moves Down Here and Up in the Skies like Clock Work. So Day 365 will get Here and then to Day 1 & Forward to Day 365 Again. So the Word NEW YEAR AND A HAPPY ONE TO YOU All has so Many Meanings some Old and some New. Soon I will Wish a HAPPY 2010 to YOU. 🙂


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