Chocolate How We Love Thou

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Yes that Brown Stuff is the best on the Earth, it is just amazing how good it is. it also Lifts our Spirits and it makes us Feeling Better after we Eat some Cake, Cookies, Pudding, Ice Cream or some Awesome Desert. It can be many Forms to go into many Things We Devour with a Passion. it is not just popular with Kids but Adults of all Ages. It comes from a Bean Grown all over the World and it is bitter until it is Processed as a White Bean that is Clean, Dried, Cooked and Processed with Sugar and a few other Items to make Cocoa Butter and Powder tomake the chocolate in it various Forms like a Solid Bar or other Shape, Cocoa Powder for Baking Cakes andCup Cakes and Chilled to make Ice Cream or an Ice Cream Product plus many other items that are Chocolate Base or Flavor.

We have White Chocolate which has no Cocoa Powder and Bitter Chocolate which has no Sugar. Chocolate has it’s Roots in South America in which it the Cocoa Beans were brought over to Europe by Explorers as it was Experimented with and Popular in Switzerland and Belgium and the rest of Europe.Then Extremely Popular here in Hershey Pennsylvania, which Produces the most Chocolate in the World.Including the Hershey Bar with and without Almonds & The Hershey Kiss are The Two most Popular andthe many other Fine Products they Produce. M&M’s are another Favorite by the M&M. Mars Company and their Favorite little Candies are Designed to Melt in Your Mouth at 98.6 Degrees or above as this is Our Body Temperature and never will Melt in Your Hands. They also make many Delicious Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Products we have Eaten as Kids and Adults. Chocolate is the Best Tasting Sweet in the World and their is Nothing in the World better than Chocolate for a Desert, Snack or a Satisfaction to a Craving from the Old Sweet Tooth.


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