How to make money with a Professional website!

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money-main_Thumb.jpgOnce you sign up its as simple as moving things around onto a back ground that you as well can pick-n-choose from. This is all flash enabled and free. There is also paid-for accounts but the free account in most cases should suffice.

  1. Of course the quickest and easiest way to begin is to simply choose a predefined template and switch out the wording and images. You can upload your own images or use the ones in the data base.
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  3. To give you the option to make money easy with your professional looking site is to simply drag and drop a paypal button from one of the menu choices at left (specifically found under “widgets”) and presto now you can accept money from friends / family / clients / etc… all in an instant at a click of a button.
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  8. Simply take time to arrange your design simple and for sure this new flash website of yours will impress anyone you point to it. Everyone should have a website for the potential it offers especially since there is absolutely no cost involved.
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  10. Optionally you can always add the minor expense of getting your own
  11. domain name
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  13. ( for example) which then you can redirect to your website for a little more easily accessible/findable website.
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  15. I personally use the domain name organization for my domain names. If you don’t have a domain name you will be limited to sending the link so others can click on it to find your website since it may be too long for someone to remember. A domain name however is usually much easier for someone to remember and thus find your website with ease.
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