Save BIG MONEY on wii , xbox , nintendo ds, and other games by taking time to search the internet.

My little guy has been saving his allowance now for weeks and the thought of having to keep saving to upwards of $60.00 was really starting to get to him I think , ha. 🙂 (although he is learning a good lesson in savings). When I mentioned to him that he NOW had enough to purchase it and explained how he saved so much money and didn’t have to wait for more weeks of saving, I think he learned another lesson (I hope) in being a wise spender.

  • Phone around locally to find out the going asking price of the game you are looking for. (in my case it was about 55-60 dollars including taxes.)

  1. Take some time and search places like ebay and amazon for the title of the video game you are looking to purchase.
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  3. You really should have a pay pal and ebay account set up first as it makes the transaction online so much more easy.
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  • Make sure to check out all the costs involved with your online shipping purchase as well so they don’t try charging you any extra that way.
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  6. I managed to purchase the game on line for aprox $15.00 then I opted for the faster ups shipping which increased my overall price. But even at that I got the game for almost half of what i would have payed locally. In the end He’s happy he is getting his game now rather than later and we’re both glad he saved money!
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