Friday, December 15

Toddlers & Tiaras: A Rant About Jamie Sterling (Plus Sympathy For Ashlynn Sterling)

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Dear Jamie Sterling, who sold her girls out on TV on Toddlers and Tiaras,

To start, how is it fair to pit your twin daughters against each other in beauty pageants? I have nothing against pageants in and of themselves (although I’m not necessarily pro-pageant either), but forcing two young twins to compete against each other, especially when you clearly favor one, is just cruel.

I wonder, do you have any idea what you are doing to your precious, adorable daughter AshLynn? The poor girl has her heart ripped out on a daily basis. It is not her fault that in your opinion, she is not as talented or beautiful as BreAnne. Maybe she has her own interests, like reading or sports. Heaven forbid!

I can not believe you let AshLynn compete with a ruined dress while investing in a new one for BreAnne. Or that you told BreAnne that she won the pageant when AshLynn won a completely different category. Or, for that matter, that you put ridiculous capital letters in the middle of your daughters’ names.

I have to give to you and TLC, though. You took a controversial show (Toddlers and Tiaras) and pushed it to the max. People were already against the show, and you took people who liked it and made them sick. You probably just made advertisers pull their ads, but you made a whole new crop of people watch the show, just to watch what a trainwreck your episode is.

Please, please, Jamie Sterling, start treating AshLynn better. Pull her out of pageants and give her some interests of her own, or treat her equally with BreAnne. She may do better if you let her succeed and stop putting her down.

Dad (Mr. Sterling): I hope you see this episode and make Jamie stop doing this to your poor children. BreAnne has more attitude than  a spoiled heiress, and AshLynn has so little self esteem that she may need therapy for the rest of her life.

These twins should be treated equally, not told that one is prettier and better. You’ll be eating your words when AshLynn grows up to be smart, sweet and beautiful, and BreAnne throws tantrums like she’s five at the age of sixteen.

When you chose to be a parent, you should have known that it’s not fair to favor one child, especially for something as skin deep as surface beauty. Inner beauty counts, and AshLynn’s got that – so give the girl some credit.


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