Photograph Cleaning help.

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  1. Lay your photo on a flat hard surface.
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  8. Make sure to gently brush the photo over one time with your soft cloth. The cloth I am referring to here must be something similar to a flannel shirt in material: very non-abrasive.
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  15. Squirt a little amount of lighter fluid on the flannel cloth and gently rub (very gently) the spot in question on the photo graph.
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  17. Keep gently rubbing the soiled area on the photgraph until the imperfection disappears. Do not rub hard though as to damage your photo. Gentle wipes with occasional re-wetting of the flannel cloth will in most cases remove the imperfection on your photo and will not damage your photgraph.
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  • Be careful not to use any sort of cloth that has any type of abrasiveness to it. Even a paper towel may be considered abrasive and scratch your photograph paper.


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