Home networking

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Home network can be defined as a network of various thin connected in a home by the same

Connection like there can be a number of telephones in a house but all of them are connected by the same lining and have the same connection .This is called a home network. A home networking usually consists of various things like an internet connection, modem.

The things which I have mentioned here are the regular things but there can also some more additional things in a home networking system. Home networking is now coming more in use and the reason for that is the use of more computer in a single home. The computers in a single home are connected by a home networking system with the help of house and internet connection wiring. The advantage of having a home network is having a better speed for sharing your files. If you often share your files from your computer to your floppy disk or even to your USB then you can share the files mush faster with the help of a home networking system. Now a day’s the most often home networking systems are of two types.

They are either wireless or they are Ethernet types. Both of them require a router which can be used to connect a various number of computers for the same kind of internet connection. Home networking helps in connecting multiple numbers of computers with the same internet connection. If you really are going to get a home network connection and if you have many computers connected with the same internet connection then you would need to have a good firewall so to protect all your computers with the malicious and harmful viruses. The most essential thing which is going to be is a router.

You will need to buy a router if you want to connect many computers to the same internet connection. You can also have a modem but that will not be good if you want to connect a number of computers with one internet connection as a modem will allow only one computer in that case. Now a various number of routers also provide as a firewall so when you can get those routers then you will not need any special firewall hardware. The Ethernet connection can also be a wireless connection and now it depends upon you which will be more suitable for you.

If you need lots of speed and you want better security then I will recommend you take a wired connection as then it will be giving you more benefits but it will be a little more expensive and you might not be able to connect more than one computer but if you want to connect many computers and less of security and speed then I will say that you choose a wired router as it can connect many computers with the connection but it might just not give enough security and speed while you use the internet connection. So now the choice is completely yours.

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