How to quit smoking – 10 tips

You have certainly been already told why stop smoking, but the difficult question is how. A lot of research has been done, especially regarding the relation between cigarettes and cancer. Here are ten tips of the American Cancer Society.

Firstly you must ask yourself what are your main reasons for quitting.

Then, secondly, you should put these answers of yours on a small piece of paper, which you should carry with you all the time.

(Thirdly) Next time you will feel like smoking, take out the paper to remind you of your reasons for quitting.

Fourthly, you should fill out a sort of a “stop smoking contract”, which should be signed by your closest friend or a partner, and throw away all your cigarettes and things related to them such as lighters and ashtrays.

Fifthly, list all the great things which occurred since you decided to quit and carry this list with you as an inspiration.

Sixthly, try to avoid any circumstances in which you would usually smoke, chew gum instead of smoking.

Seventhly buy “no smoking” signs and put them everywhere, including your car house, backyard, even work area.

Eighthly be prepared to the urge to smoke again. There are four ways to do this: breed deeply, drink water, lay and do something else.

Ninthly, always carry with you things you can chew, such as carrot sticks, straws, gums and candy.

Tenthly reward your self for not smoking, gather the money you would usually spend for cigarettes and purchase something you’ve long wanted.

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