Do-It-Yourself Natural Cosmetics

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What with the skin being the largest organ in the body, and that items rubbed into the skin can enter the bloodstream within minutes, its obvious that you want to be as careful with skin and body care products as you are with food.
As you study ingredients in toothpaste, facial and body creams, hair care items, etc., you start to want safer and more natural products. When you learn about the toxicity of ingredients like Ammonium Hydroxide and Glyceryl Stearate, and hear about formaldehyde in hair creams, you probably start to feel edgy, and more prone to turn to natural and organic products.
One thing to be aware of is: Just because it’s in a “healthfood” store doesn’t mean that it’s either natural or organic. You can be reasonably sure if you see the USDA Organic label, or if the label says Organic. No matter what, though, you want to keep up the habit of reading labels and studying ingredienets.
Organic and natural products do cost a bit more, even if you do want to improve your health and extend your life. There are ways you can treat yourself almost like royalty without breaking your personal bank.
Start with Aloe Vera gel. I can get a 32 ounce bottle of Lily of the Desert brand for under $10. I use this instead of shaving cream or gel. A dab or two about the size of a U.S. nickel is enough to shave my face. I mix it with Aubrey’s suntan lotion as a skin cream. I also mix aloe vera gel with castor oil as a hair gel. A lady barber was so in love with my hair, they’d be married if it could live a life of its own!
If you’re pressed for time after shaving, you can get by with little to nothing applied to your skin afterwards. Most times, I rinse with cider vinegar to clean off my jawline, then add something to soothe the skin. Lately I’ve started using Shea Butter mixed with aloe gel. NOW foods sells it, and I’ve seen other brands. I even mix it in with aloe for my hair. The shea butter is a really great nutrient for hair and skin. Does quite well healing my razor nicks, too.
Now that you’ve cornered your personal cosmetics market, you can splurge on other things. Like, maybe have dinner in a natural or organic restaurant.
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