Letting Go of Emotional Baggage

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People often find themselves stuck in certain negative emotions such as anger, sadness, grief or depression.  This period of stagnation can adversely affect your life.  When you get stuck in an emotion, thought or behavior pattern–either physically, mentally, ideologically, or spiritually — problems can arise, including illness.  Emotions are part of us, and they come to us. But we have to learn to allow them to come and let them go.  Truth is, we have to move into a moment-to moment awareness. Here are simple ways to deal with your feelings and move beyond emotional impasses.

Become aware of your emotions. Most people get stuck when they are unconscious and unaware of how certain emotions shape them as people, or when they think a certain emotion or event is another person’s responsibility. It is not easy for all people, but if you intend to move beyond where you are stuck, you have to take a fresh outlook.  Meditation is a good start to begin to see what is going on in order to plan on how to create or perpetuate your own moods, ideas, etc.

Express your emotions, don’t deny them.  There is nothing wrong with being depressed. Just don’t spend the rest of your life feeling depressed.  Don’t spend the rest of your life suppressing the sad feeling or trying to convince yourself not to be depressed.  Allow yourself to notice your feelings and move through them.

Take a deep breath and then let emotions go. You may need to jump up and down and scream and shout for a while, but that’s OK.  Don’t take your issues out on anyone else, and don’t project your emotions onto others.  If you are feeling angry, remember that the anger is yours.  Allow yourself to experience and notice it as it arises.  What you will also notice is that it will eventually change.


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