How to Use Color for Wellbeing

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By Rossi Davis

Step 1

Different colors vibrate at different frequencies. Energy healing is not a novel idea. The art of Feng Shui provides us with the ability to apply color in our life in order to achieve a healthier flow of chi and reach a body and mind balance. Our chi can be influenced by our surroundings and by the colors we consciously chose to surround ourselves with or clothe our body. Color had been used to even describe our mental states such as red with rage, feeling blue or peachy and being green with envy. The colors covered here are primarily intended to provide you with ideas about color coordination in your wardrobe and to strengthen your chi level.

Step 2

You can chose different colors to influence your chi. To subdue your rage or calm your anger you may want to apply the colors black or green, to alleviate depressed mood resort to light green and purple. When you are having a headache resort to green or pink, for abdominal pain use yellow or red, for hypertension white, black, baby blue or light green. To address obesity resort to the application of the color white.

Step 3

If you feel trapped by the external circumstances in your life, use green. Green is symbolic with growth, expansion and upward movement. To enhance your communication skills use blue since this color has the property to evoke calmness and peace. Indigo strengthens your intuition, allows you to gain objectivity into your problems and relieves emotional and mental turmoil by allowing you to gain new insights. The lighter shades of pink induces relaxation, calmness while the darker hues of this color enhance optimism and confidence in oneself. Yellow helps strengthen ones attention/alertness and improves memory. The color yellow can assist you decision making. Orange leads to mental clarity practical problem solving. The color orange balances your chi after a period of stress or a shock and allows you to let go of the past. Red increases your chi, boosts self esteem, leads to vibrancy and feeling more energized. It is considered a lucky and auspicious color. This color banishes insecurities and the lack of enthusiasm. Those with high blood pressure should avoid this color and instead resort to using black, white or lighter shades of blue and green.

Step 4

The color white symbolizes purity, clarity and openness and to address eating disorders. You may use this color when you feel the need to let go of mental and emotional clutter from your psyche. This color signifies new beginnings and un bias attitude.


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