How to face changes

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By Rossi Davis

How can we find peace in a tough economy? Jobs end, relationships dissolve, money come and go and homes change. It is healthy and at time necessary to remember that change is growth. Growth is an ever present and ever changing phenomenon that can occur only with changes. Spiritual growth means acknowledging the flexibility within and accepting the impermanence of things. Change is the perpetual force in life. It is an energy that is constantly in motion.

We need to view life as a continuous string of events without a beginning or end. Perceiving life in as constantly changing shows us that we attribute qualities and time frames such as past, present and future to our existence. The economy is only one of the things that goes under methamorposis like anything else in life. Being mindful and thankful for the things that we have despite external struggles is something that can make us stronger, peaceful and spiritually abundant.

Do you remember to be thankful for your family, your health, your ability to work and willingness to seek employment? Do you remember to smile at the small things in life like a hug, a hot cup of cocoa, a soft pillow and a warm meal?

Attaining spiritual peace is a process of continuous growth within change.

Only change is consistent in life. Existence in itself is something we struggle to explain or comprehend. Each individual therefore experiences spiritual growth or inner development subjectively. It should not be surprising that different people report similar experiences during an enlightening experience. Everything in nature is connected and one person can tap into the same information as another one. However, how each person experiences this situation and then tries to explain it to others occurs on a totally personal and subjective level.

Finding pleasure in small things and in counting your blessings you may find it easier to move along an ever changing life path.

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Guru in Jeans: Inward Journey to Psychospiritual Awakening. ISBN#978-1441473455


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