The best way to stick to your new years resolutions

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You had gone through many a new year, celebrated wildly on the day, and the day passed out.

There might have been couple of new years, where you took a decision to carry on with a resolution for the rest of the year, or for the rest of your life. Somehow, you faltered in the middle, and your resolution died.

It’s the most difficult aspect to deal with, some get motivated and keep going, these are the ones who do understand the value of New Years resolution in their life, and they are eager to pursue it.

While others simply make a New Years resolution, just because they find the idea of making New Years resolution funny, without ever bothered to continue even for a day.

So what is perhaps the best way to stick to your New Years resolution?

Some point out that New Years resolution are meant to be broken. Making resolution on the eve of New Year has become a fashion for most of the people. Few take it seriously and are quite optimistic about it, till they decide that enough is enough, and again they are back to their old fashioned ways.

Sticking to your New Years resolution is probably the hardest thing, you could ever imagine.

You need to take few things into account before you eventually decide to make New Years resolutions.

Try and make a resolution, when you are ready to make a resolution, not because you want to make a resolution. For instance, you are quite fond of smoking a cigar, and you do not feel the urge to quit smoking, you perhaps enjoy smoking. But your wife doesn’t appreciate your habit; you probably had a heated debate on this couple of months ago, so you decided to quit smoking.

Your mind is active, and since you decided out of your instinct not to annoy your wife, the inner urge for a smoke persists. Though, you had taken a New Years resolution to quit smoking, you woud never be able to quit because you want to smoke, and you are not mentally ready to quit.

Now you would ask me,”if I can’t continue with my resolution, why the hell should I make a New Years resolution in the first place”. You are wrong; there is a way that would simply work for you.

  • Make a list of pre-resolutions, before the year ends. The list should contain those actions that you are willing to change for quite sometime. For example, you have a habit of reaching office a bit late in the morning, and you had wanted to change your habit, but somehow you never did it. Convert this resolve into a New Years resolution, and you would find, it works.

Why it works? The reason is that your New Years resolution is made because you are ready to change your habit, not because you made your decision out of compulsion.

Finally, always remember to make those New Years resolutions that you feel you are ready to follow; you will be able to stick to those New Years resolutions much better.


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