10 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

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1)      Avoid dark colors. Dark colors are great in the winter, but during the summer they just attract the heat. There’s a reason you see people wearing lighter and brighter colors in the summer—it helps you to stay cool.

2)      Stay hydrated. Your body needs plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. If you’re dehydrated you are more easily affected by the heat. You’re also more likely to suffer from sun stroke.

3)      Go to the local swimming pool. Almost every community has a free swimming pool that locals can use. If you don’t have a pool of your own you can go to the community pool to cool off.

4)      Let your body adjust. If you start blasting the AC the moment it starts to heat up you aren’t giving your body the proper time it needs to adjust to the temperature changes. It’s ok to use the AC to keep the temperature down a little, but give your body some time to adjust and the heat won’t seem all that bad.

5)      Wear open-toed shoes. Socks are just extra clothing you don’t need when it’s 120 outside. Most heat is released from your body from your palms, your head and your feet. If you’re wearing socks and shoes it just traps the heat in. Stick to wearing flip flops, they’ll help you stay cool.

6)      Don’t be afraid to get wet. Playing with squirt guns or running through the sprinklers were ways we cooled off when we were children, why not use them now? Ok so I’m not saying act like a little kid, but you can have fun and cool off at the same time. My family loves to joke around by spraying each other with the hose or even with a squirt bottle.

7)      Invest in a mister. You can buy a hand-pumped mister from the store for $10 or less or even a nicer one for a little bit more. A mister is fun easy way to cool off wherever you are.

8)      Go to the beach. The ocean is basically a giant natural pool. Spending the day out in the ocean is a great way to cool off, but don’t forget your sun block!

9)      Use sheets instead of blankets. It’s just too hot at night to use regular blankets, but if you don’t sleep with anything you could end up waking up in the middle of the night cold. Sheets generally stay cool so they can help you sleep when it’s hot out.

10)   Be creative. I’m sure you can think of dozens of fun ways to stay cool this summer. Even if it means putting tomorrows clothes in the freezer (why not? You like hot clothes fresh out of the dryer in the winter don’t you).


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