5 ways to make some extra cash

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If you’re just a little short on cash and want to earn a few bucks there are a few things you can do to help put some more money in your pocket. I’ve compiled a few ideas that have worked for others in the past and they’re relatively simple.

1 Recycle. You don’t get that much money back for recycling, but if you just throw your recyclables away your not getting anything at all. Recycling not only helps the environment, but it puts some extra cash in your hand.

2 Have a Garage Sale. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Go through your house and look for items you no longer want or need. Get them all together and have a yard sale to earn some extra cash.  

3 Sell online. Selling your old stuff online can put some extra cash in your pocket. There are plenty of online auctions and stores where you can list your items for a profit.

4 Contests. There are always contests of all kinds going on. Writing contests, eating contests and art contests are a few of the popular types. These usually have some sort of cash prize. So if you have some sort of special talent go ahead and do a search and see if anything comes up, you could get lucky.

5 Work online. There are plenty of places now that offer cash for discussions, articles and surveys. Avoid the scams and stick to legitimate sites that can help you earn a few extra dollars.


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