Dreams and Astral Projection

I don’t know how many of you have heard of astral projection, but it is a topic of interest to me so I thought I’d share what I know. Astral projection occurs when you sleep. Your astral self separates from the body and this is why we dream. It is possible to maintain control these experiences by focusing on one thing at the point of sleep. When this happens you will maintain awareness and be able to explore the astral realm.

Being able to astral project requires that you have the ability to relax, focus and remember your dreams.

Lie down. Tense your muscles one bye one starting with your feet and moving up. Listen to relaxing music if it helps. Try to let the stresses of the day go and just think calming thoughts.

Focus on a single object such as a candle for an extended period of time. Think only of this object. Close your eyes and try to picture the object in your mind. This is a type of meditation that will help improve your focus.

Remembering Your Dreams
Lie still when you wake up. Allow your dreams to come to you one at a time. Write down every detail you can remember.

When you have practiced all of these you are ready to attempt astral projection. Use the relaxation techniques you have learned to bring yourself into a state of complete relaxation. Close you eyes and try to focus on one thing such as your heartbeat or picture an image in your mind. Continue to focus and you’ll enter something known as the vibration state. You’ll feel a strange tingly sensation all over. Ignore this and continue to focus. At some point you’ll cross over from the conscious to the unconscious and you may find yourself standing next to your sleeping body. Don’t be afraid, strong emotions such as fear will pull you back into your body.

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