Problems???…or wake-up calls

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Who doesn’t hate problems ? Starting from the most mundane issues like traffic jams on rush-hours to problemsof meeting deadlines on time – they are always a source of annoyance and stress. They come in different sizes and shapes , in the most inappropriate of times ,causing the highest forms of tensions and discomforts . But what if they aren’t really what they apparently seem to be? What if they are there to actually help us? What if they are truly our much needed wake-up calls ?

Well, today I had a really big realization . It so happened that my desktop suddenly stopped working showing some system32 corruption .Though I was a bit panicky initially , as I tried to repair it with the windows xp installation cd , it gradually dawned on me how important was my desktop to me and how little did I ever care to do any kind of maintenance on it . And not only for a desktop , but isn’t it the way with every other thing in our life ? Isn’t it a fact that we realize the value of our near and dear ones most when they are away from us ? Wouldn’t it be much better to appreciate and take care of them when they are with us?Sometimes, it is only through problems and loss that we realize the real value of all, that we normally take for granted so easily.So spend some time pondering on what’s truly valuable to you , spend some time taking care of those precious parts of your life,and be thankful for all that you have…don’t wait for a problem to wake you up -WAKE UP NOW!

While looking for ways to take care of my desktop , I came accross a few sites.I hope they’ll be of help –


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