How to track the location of an IP address

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Sometimes you may need to find out the exact location of an IP address. For example, if you pick up a proxy from a proxy list, you get only the country where the proxy is located. To find out the exact location of the IP you should perform a location lookup. There are many sites/services that can do this. My favorites are MyIpTest, IP-adress, whatismyipaddress, GeoBytes IP Locator and IP2Location.

1. MyIpTest (

MyIpTest is a useful site that is able to provide a lot of useful information about your IP address and also includes a set of tools that help you know more about your IP address.

-Lookup IP address, Geolocation, IP address tracking

The first thing you can find out is your IP address, whether you are using a proxy or not, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your location (city, country, latitude, longitude). Also there is a Google Map that shows your location.

You can try using a web proxy (like KProxy, ProxyForAll or NetEvader) and see the information that is shown. And you can also use its Whois search.

-Blacklisted IP Check

If you suspect that your IP is blacklisted you can perform a DNS blacklist check. A DNS blacklist is “a means by which an Internet site may publish a list of IP addresses that some people may want to avoid and in a format which can be easily queried by computer programs on the Internet“.

When you perform such a check you get a list of DNS that may list your IP or not. If your IP is not listed than you are clean.

-Email Trace, Find the Sender’s Original IP Address

Another useful tool is the one that lets you find the IP sender of an email. All you need to do is to paste in the text box the header of the email.

-Proxy checker tool

The proxy checker takes the IP of a proxy and checks whether it is working or not. Also it provides you its own proxy lists.

-Other tools

There are other tools as well, like the speed test, traceroute, ping, DNS tools, etc, which you can check on MyIpTest by yourself.

2. IP-adress (

It has nearly the same features as MyIpTest, including IP tracing with a Google map, Email trace, Whois search, Proxy checker, Speed test, etc.

3. whatismyipaddress (

No more to talk about. It just like MyIpTest.

4. GeoBytes IP Locator (

GeoBytes shows a Google map of city, along with a bunch of other information (country, city, latitude, longitude, distance to nearby cities, etc.) about the location itself.

5. IP2Location (

Like GeoBytes IP Locator, IP2Location shows the information about country, region and city, and it also offers the name of the ISP (Internet Service Provider).


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