Banana Lower Stroke Risk

Banana is the fruit of many minerals that contain potasium that tap stabilize heart function, brain, physiology and other important processes. Simply eat a banana can join lower risk of stroke affected. Researchers from Tulane University found that people who consume less potasium can increase the risk of exposure to 28 percent of stroke compared with people who consume enough with potasium.

Someone recommended to consume about 2300 mg per day potasium. While that is often found, people consume only about 1500 mg per day potasium.

Found in the banana potasium womb of a high of 400 mg equivalent to a glass of juice or the potatoes steam.

“Although not be clear how the potasium can prevent stroke, but the potasium-related blood pressure which is the key. This is potasium can make rileks blood vessel so that it can prevent high blood pressure and also help remove sodium from the blood,” said stroke expert Dr.Mitchell Elkind at Health24.

“People who consume potasium can replace the sodium that can lower blood pressure, which allows the blood pressure down so that the risk of stroke will be reduced,” says Elkind, neurologist from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

“Because of factors affected the risk of stroke from blood pressure not only have a few other factors that also influence. So better potasium and run consumption lifestyle is more healthy is an important factor to reduce the risk of stroke,” he added.

This research involves the 9800 United States both men and women. Participants observed that incoming total calories and food are consumed. By using the medical record and obit, researchers get information to stroke and disease kardiovaskular experienced by the participants.

Once observed during 19 years, gained 927 participants, while 1,847 suffered stroke suffered suspected heart disease. After the comparison found the relationship between stroke and potasium consumption.

“Participants who consumed little potasium per day (about 1500 mg) has affected the risk of stroke compared with people who consume potasium enough,” says Lydia Bazzano, Chairman of the researchers and experts epidemiologis.

So, there is no one to enter the bananas as the fruit that must be consumed regularly after meals big. In addition to the body of the womb potasiumnya can also reduce the risk of stroke affected.

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