Acer Aspire One 8.9 Inch Netbook Review

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Here is a Review of the Acer Aspire One Netbook and why I would recommend this Netbook to you. So the first thing your probably asking is why would you want to buy a laptop with only an 8.9” screen? And the next question is probably what is a netbook? Well I’ll answer the second question first because it will also answer the first question. Now for the answer to the second question and that is a netbook is a little laptop with a tiny screen usually no bigger than 11.6” and with a hard drive with a size of around 160gb and around 1gb of ram and usually run on windows XP or a Linux operating system. Now for the main review.

Now I have owned an Acer Aspire One netbook for around one week and in that week I have used it every day for around 2-3 hours and it has never failed me yet while I have gone on every website I could on my desktop computer and I have been able to download every file I needed although I can’t download one of my favorite games because the graphics card isn’t good enough but other than that it works great I can play on any website I can on my desktop and I have actually used some of the sites I don’t use on my desktop although there is one in convince on my part is that every time you exit the web browser it deletes the browsing history without me  asking it to but other than that it works almost better then my desktop. Now for a little note and that note is that this netbook has the same amount of hard drive space as my friends brand new $1000 dollar laptop from dell and I only spent some $400 dollars or something less I’m not quite sure but anyways I still have the same amount of hard drive as my friends $1000 dollar laptop and I spent around $600 less than him (wasn’t he pissed off until I explained the next part of this review). Now you may be thinking right now wow I am so going out of this house and buying that netbook for work but this part here explains why you can’t do that much work on it. Now I’m not saying you can’t go out and buy this netbook to do a few Microsoft word documents and email them to your boss or print them off and use them at your next conference but this laptop isn’t made for heavy duty save 2 million files on me computing this laptop is made for check your email and go on Facebook do a couple of files for work computing but I’m not saying you can’t buy this netbook and do the save 2 million files thing but If you want to buy an external hard drive to do that kind of thing which just means you shouldn’t save a thousand files to this netbook. That said you could use this laptop for work as long as you only needed to save a few typed files from Microsoft office programs or you had an external hard drive to save them all on but if for your work you need a giant screen you shouldn’t buy this netbook because the screen is rather small. Now with that said I am going to end this review by saying this netbook is great if you need to comput on the go. And if you want to know why I keep saying this netbook is because yes I did write this review on the very netbook I’m talking about.


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