Suicide and Self Harm

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All around us, in this world in which puts people into a sorting system because they listen to a certain band or wear a certain type of clothing, and lots of people do this with self harming and suicide. But this is wrong, don’t you think? If your son, daughter, brother or sister decided they wanted to die because they hate themselves and they had been cutting themselves, what would you do then? Shout ‘You Coward!’ Or would you help them? Because that’s what people like that need. They need to know that someone is there and that they have support and that they aren’t going though it alone, the more you push them away the more they feel that they are worthless.

What do you say to a family who have lost a member of their family to suicide? ‘I’m Sorry For Your Loss, But He/She Was A Coward To Tell You To Stop Hitting Each Other’. No! It’s hard to comment on, so unless you have been there, please don’t judge people for the scars on their wrists, start to think why they have done it.

I must admit I do not accept this as an excuse because by speaking what is on a persons mind it can save families a lot of pain, and a Muslims point of view thinks this,

the Prophet (Pbuh) said (I paraphrase) ” Who ever kills themselves with a piece of Iron will be stabbing themselves with it for all eternity in the Hellfire, Who ever Poisons themselves will be poisoning themselves for all eternity in the hellfire”. They also believe self harming to be as a rejection of God’s will, so believe what you want but just bare this is mind… Please!


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