Are You A Beginner in Mouse Hunt? This Guide is for You

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When you start out on Mouse Hunt, you start out with around 1200 coins. Facebook tells you to use this money for your first trap and cheese (which you should do).

I strongly recommend the Tacky Glue Trap when you start out, even though it looks really cheap and lame. Its stats are much better than the high tension spring. Not only is a trap’s power important, the trap’s power type, luck, attraction bonus, power bonus, and cheese effect are also important. So as I said before, I strongly recommend the Tacky Glue Trap.


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After you put the cheese on the trap (if you can’t figure this part out, please stop playing) , just wait. Keep in mind that patience is a key in succeeding in Mouse Hunt, this game was not intended to beat in a single day.

After you make enough money, you should immediately buy the wooden base with target which is only 1,225 gold.

Stay in the town and wait until you have enough money to buy the Mouse Mary O’Nette trap. It is much more superior than the 500 Pound Spiked Crusher, if you made the wrong decision it doesn’t matter. You should also be able to buy a Stone Base from the trapsmith.

Keep staying in the town and keep saving your money, by now you have a choice between using marble or cheddar. I personally recommend marble at this level but cheddar is fine too. When you have enough money, you should buy the Mouse Trebuchet from the trapsmith. It is inferior to the Rockatine in power, but power isn’t everything so its overall stats are better. You should also have a stone base by now. Congratulations! You aren’t as nooby is before.


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Next, you will move to the Meadow and save money there. After you turn into an Apprentice, you should have around 100,000 gold to buy the Swiss Army Knife Trap and an Explosive Base. You are no longer a noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After you are a journeyman, save up until you have enough money to buy the NVMRC Forcefield or the Death Bot. Either choice is fine, they are basically the same but I personally picked the forcefield. After this, you should be making big cash and at the level, master.


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Congratulations! You have followed this guide well and are no longer a noob!

Now go and hunt some more mice!


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