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Living on the Spiritual Basis our prayers take on a new flavor. Though all prayers are heard, we have come to know they are answered in the manner in which they are asked, putting faith in action. Trusting and relying on God, we expect to receive, for that is the promise, but we also know that “faith without works is dead.” If hungry, locking ones self in a closet and praying for a hotdog would be foolish, yet is that not exactly what many do in other areas of life? So pray, but take whatever material steps indicated for the difficulty at hand as well, and if you are unsure on what steps to take, ask God and they will become evident. The problem that plagues many, if not all, is time. We have a timeline in our minds eye for things to be done that is of no interest or concern to God. He provides exactly what is required at exactly the moment required, our difficulty arising since we have outlined a hoped for outcome and time frame (giving God a helping hand since we know how busy He is) and when our expectations are not met, we subject ourselves to needless emotional wear and tear. Hindsight being 20/20 we look back and see where God did for us what we could never have done for ourselves. Had we received what we thought we needed at the time we would have missed something wonderful or a valuable lesson that moved the story of our soul along its ever-upward timeless journey of raised consciousness.


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