"THE SOLUTION" Have Nightcrawlers Come to You

You can have all the fancy fishing equipment you can afford, but the true secret of successful fishing is the quality of your bait.  Worms are good, but nightcrawlers are better!

To get monster nightcrawlers anytime of day, all you need are 2 ingredients, and an empty dishwashing detergent bottle. The ingredients are dry mustard (not the stuff you put on hot dogs) and water.  Pour enough dry mustard (give or take 6-7 tablespoons)  into the old detergent bottle, fill it with water.  Shake it up!  Take a sniff…if you get a little jolt, it’s perfect!  You have just made a bottle of “THE SOLUTION.”

Now all you need is a small container of clean water, and your bait bucket…you are good to go!

Find the nightcrawler mounds by moving rocks, logs, or feeling around with your feet.  Feel a small lump of dirt, move the dirt, leaves or twigs away, and there you have it, a nightcrawler hole.

Shake up your bottle of ‘THE SOLUTION”, give a healthy squeeze down the hole, and before you know it, that nightcrawler is heading straight toward you!  Wait until it’s at least half way out of the hole, then gently pull it out, rinse it off in the clean water (you want to rinse ‘THE SOLUTION” off them..it burns!”) and toss them into your bait bucket.

You can find nighcrawler holes almost anywhere.  Suggestions for finding the best holes:  in shady damp areas, under leaves, rocks, logs, flagstone.

Note:  If your mixture of ‘THE SOLUTION” is not strong enough…just add a bit more dry mustard.  It works!

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