Crucial Tips You Need on Controlling Fear and Phobia for Success in Life

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Ever been forced on to a roller coaster, a haunted house, or even a nerve racking presentation to get rid of the fright? An Achilles’ heel for people trying to go through a phase of personal development and success is and has been fear. Fear is within nearly everyone and can often stop the being from proceeding in life. For example, people may have fear in changes, so they may not want to try something new and have the same routine. This may lead to depression and that will be the cause of god-knows how many illnesses. Hence, getting to know one’s phobias is a great start in conquering it.

Ultimately, fear must not take over the person’s life, so they can lead their normal life again. Sometimes, fear may hurt the people around him/her as well. Close friends, family, and colleagues may start to notice many strange changes to the person. This can lead to stress and confusion put on them.

However, whoever said that a little bit of fear was a bad thing. Fear allows one to be more alert of everything that goes around him. In contrast to what was said, being over alert can cause too much tension. Fears can turn into an advantage, but it needs practice of optimism and self-control, which can be gained through visualization and meditation, respectively.

Fear does not have to be from when one is born, but it could be from a traumatizing part of their life that they cannot forget. Fear can often come from one’s ego. Two great examples are the movies, Fight Club and Revolver. They present the main characters as people with problems, isolated from society and in the end; they are able to solve their problems. A person’s imagination can do wonders with ridding one of fears, or substantially increasing the fears.

In Islam, fear for Allah is a requirement because he is the divine, supreme, ruler of worlds. Muslims are required to fear him, for he is the one that will be judge on the Day of Judgment. If one even cries to Allah, it is considered out of a great amount of respect and fear.

Irrational or exaggerated fear is called phobia. This fear can be described as a ridiculous fear of some element, object, animal, or being. This can be a fear of cars, spiders, elevators, or water. For example, if someone is afraid of water it might be because they think something in the water will grab them. Even if they are to enter the water in a swimming pool, they will still be scared to death. These people can be perfectly normal, but have developed crazed ideas, which do not allow them to reach their rational understanding because they are blocked by heightened emotions.

In contrast to what was said about phobia, these people should not be considered inferior or insane because this is not a just judgment. An example is the fear of the dark because something supernatural will haunt them. These people might be easily misunderstood and laughed at, but this is not fair and isolates them from society.

Coming back to the movie, Revolver, the main character has a phobia of elevators because it was an enclosed area. Near to the conclusion, he fights and wins a battle with his ego, which rids him of this phobia. This person’s fear causes him to have a panic attacks when he comes across it before the battle with his ego.

Finally, one who needs to get rid of their fear or phobia should not seek medication or a physiatrist, but they should be strong-minded. This will allow their fears to no longer control their life and eventually the fear will disappear.


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