How You Can Stop Pain With Natural Products

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Water, Water, Everywhere… Water can do many things. Many studies show that headaches are often caused by a lack of adequate water in the body. Hence, the dehydration you have causes pain in your head – a headache. If you drink some water, even just a glass or two, it can help relieve the pain. Some people prefer using Gatorade and say it works just as well, so that is worth trying, too. Stopping pain with this natural product may seem almost miraculous! Water can also be used in conjunction with epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) to soothe the body when there are aches and pains or even swelling with arthritis. The magnesium can be absorbed through the skin while soaking in hot water. (Fill the tub with very hot water – not scalding, but as hot as you can take otherwise – and add two cups of epsom salts. Add water as needed to keep at least very warm, aiming for about a thirty minute soak. The heat helps increase circulation and reduce swelling to the stressed body. If you stop pain with this natural product, there are many benefits. Magnesium is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. Though it is an essential mineral, many times it is deficient in our body. If you have a sore throat, try gargling with a warm salt-water concoction. Use a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of salt, stir to mix and dissolve the salt, and it is ready. Gargle with it as far to the back in the throat as possible, spitting it down in the sink as you need more air. Try to finish the glass of salt water, though it will be quite a few mouthfuls. With this natural product, you can stop pain in your throat. What about once you’ve got a full-blown cold? There are natural products with which you can stop pain and infection. Adding lemon and honey to water, you can make a lemon and honey drink that will soothe the body and help you feel better. Heat some water on the stove. It needs to be hot, but you should still be able to drink it without getting burned. Add a teaspoon or so of honey and the juice of a lemon. The honey’s purpose is to counteract the lemon, so don’t go overboard. Mix it all together and sip it, enjoying its soothing properties as it slides down your throat. If the cold really has you in its grip, try a garlic drink. Our grandparents knew of the healing properties of garlic and used it in many foods and healing drinks. To make it, heat water. Use very warm water, the juice of a lemon, a bit of honey to sweeten the lemon flavoring and make the drink palatable, and add the minced clove of garlic. The garlic will help the body fight the infection and the lemon and honey and warm water help you feel better, pronto.


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