How to Work a Territory Correctly in Sales and Marketing

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If you are working in outside sales or marketing, you need to know the area you are working at. First you have to have a key map, pick an area and copy the page. Now that will become your territory. Usually the maps are divided in little squares, and a good way to start working the territory is with the first square on the top left hand side and proceed from there. The areas dedicated to business and residential will change by cities, some cities have them grouped and others do not.

1. Take a key map and make a copy of the page of the area that you will be canvassing, this way you do not have to carry with you a bulky map or a big key map book.

2. Start with the top left hand corner square of the copied map page.

3. Make sure to go in every street, especially the side streets. These are not as hit as much, and you may find unexpectedly your next client.

4. Continue the same way, until you finished all your squares on the key map. To work a territory correctly it is important not to change areas constantly, if one area has not been completed.

5. After you finished your page, you can also pass again to the undecided business or pass to a new area.

6. Before returning to the original area, it is a good idea to make some time pass, maybe 2-3 months, maybe work on a new page of the map in the mean time.


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