How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

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Christmas comes once a year and it seems that the best time is the time leading up to the big day. When the day is over, it is time to pull down the decorations and get ready for the New Year. The last thing taken down is normally the Christmas tree.

If you have an artificial tree, then tree cleanup is no big deal. Hopefully you kept the box and can fold the branches back up so that it fits into the box again. Unfortunately, the tree never fits the same and you end up duct taping the box just to keep it from popping open. If you couldn’t keep the original box there are plastic totes that will work. Just be sure to get one big enough for your tree.

For live trees, there is more of a cleanup to manage. After all of the ornaments are taken down and packed away, you have to move that heavy object out of the house. Most cities have realized the dilemma that families face with disposing of their Christmas trees. Some offer curb side tree pickup, but sometimes it can take a while for them to get around to your house if there is a large number of live Christmas trees in your area.

There are also other options for Christmas tree disposal. First, you can place the tree in a bag for pickup by the environmental waste truck that picks up yard clippings and raked leaves. Before you just toss it out the door, you have to get it ready to be picked up.

Trim some of the branches so that the tree is easier to fit in the Christmas tree bag. These tree bags are usually sold wherever you buy live Christmas trees. Wear heavy duty gloves so you won’t stick yourself with the drying pine needles. It may take two or three people to move the tree off of its stand because of the weight. We don’t want any after Christmas accidents happening here so don’t try to do it yourself.

Another idea is to use the tree yourself. Instead of throwing it out, run the tree through a wood chipper and use the pieces for mulch in the yard. You’ll probably have to trim most of the branches off so the tree will fit in the chipper. The city may be obliging and chip your tree for you at no cost as long as you drag it to the curb. Check with your particular area to determine how to have the tree chipped.

You can also use your Christmas tree for firewood. If you have a fireplace of your own, you can use the wood for yourself as a fire starter if you have a smaller tree or logs if the tree is larger. Have a gas log fireplace? No problem, offer chopped wood to your neighbors. Make sure all of the pine needles are removed first.

Disposing of your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a chore. Get a few friends to help you and that three can be at curbside or chipped up in no time.


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