Tips for Your Big Day

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There is a fairytale that most of us have believed in from childhood. The Story Book wedding. You can picture it all in your mind. The smiling faces of friends and family, the lovely bride and the handsome groom, holding hands as they walk down the aisle together. The throwing of the bouquet, the cheerful applause from the crowd and the roaring of the first class vehicle that conveys the newlyweds into eternal bliss. There are so many pictures that come to your mind when you think of a wedding. Your Wedding.

My Wedding Day was not all I dreamed it would be. It was more in some ways and less in some. More because I got a wonderful man, better than the one in my dreams. A man I knew could keep my heart safe; like it was his own. Less because as hard as I planned, there were still some loop holes.

Are you planning a wedding? Are there certain “norms” they say you must conform to? Well, I’ve got good news. It’s your day and you can do just about anything you want to do! Here is a list of wedding myths that I have compiled for my dear readers:

  • I Must Look Like a Bride

    You need to look like a bride, yes, but you can look like one anyway you want. You do not have to be a “traditional bride”, wear your hair in a “traditional upsweep” or use that “traditional tiara”. You don’t need to do any of these things if they don’t make you look better than you already do. You can let your hair down or wear a different kind of dress if that’s what makes you look better.

  • I Must Have A Facial Treatment

    It’s good if you can do it early enough but no magic will change the way your face is weeks to your wedding. Do I sound pessimistic? No, I’m just being realistic! Make the best of what you have because the truth is, facials force out all the impurities on your face so if you’re going to do it, it’s best to do it at least 2 months before your big day to make room for unforeseen mishaps

  • My Pictures Will All Be Beautiful

    Some will be nice and some will not. It’s hard to keep that smile plastered on for a whole day! But do try to keep your smile on for most or all of your pictures. You don’t want your pictures coming out all wrong now, do you?

  • Everyone Is Happy For Me

    This is not true! There are some aggrieved folks out there wishing they could be in your shoes, or couldn’t care less if you tripped! Just have yourself a good time…

  • Everyone Has Your Back

    As a bride, you still need to look out for yourself and not rely too much on everyone else. Your dear friend may forget one or two important things like that make-up kit. Friends may fall below expectations so you have just got to keep a tab on anything that matters to you. This should, however, be done moderately.

  • Everything Goes Well

    Some things will go well and sadly, others won’t. You just need to make the best of the day.

The most important thing is being comfortable with your choice of a life partner. That in itself is the best wedding gift ever.

Wish you a wonderful and fulfilled Wedding Day!


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