3 Horrible cases of Human Rights Abuse

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Human rights are abused on a daily basis. Some supersede others. It’s important that we keep ourselves informed so that these dreadful occurences can be identified and prevented from happening again.

The Taliban & Afghan Women

The Taliban were notorious for their reign of terror in Afghanistan in the early 90s. Afghan women were treated less than humans and were viewed as possessions. They were made to live under strict and absurd rules and regulations. They were forced to cover themselves from head to toe, girls were not allowed to go to school or perform in any social activity, they could not come out of their houses or visit male doctors unless they had male escorts, their voices were not allowed to be heard in public, they could not wear high heels or lick ice-cream outside their homes lest they attract men.

The Holocaust

This refers to the regime of Adolf Hitler between 1933 and 1945 when the Jews were subjected to extreme persecution which led to the massacre of about 6 million Jews. The Jews were subjected to extremely harsh conditions. They were segregated and dehumanized. Their businesses were taken away from them, their homes robbed and destroyed, families were torn apart and their sources of livelihood taken from them. Hitler systematically planned the annihilation of all Jews in his plot which he called the “Final Solution”. Death Camps were constructed for the massacre and gassing of Jews to death.

Abuse of Human Rights in Iran

Since 2000, the Government of Iran successfully employed means of depriving its citizens of Freedom of expression. Protestors were arrested, tortured and detained for protracted periods of time. Illegal centers were run for questioning, torturing and coercion of dissidents. Newspaper houses were closed and editors and journalists were locked up. Even the internet bloggers were not spared.

There are many more instances of human rights abuse. Be aware. Protect the world.


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