Beginner’s Secret on How to Start Making Money from Internet

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I started using internet when I was in college about 12 years ago. That time, people still occupied themselves with chatting using mIRC. I remember I used to spend more than 24 hours spreading starter line like: “asl pls…”
I didn’t know that time, that Internet can actually be the Uncle Scrooge’s gigantic money’s pool.

I think it was begin in blogging’s era, when Pyra Labs finally finish their new project called blogspot (blogger now). It was set of tools that allow people to start writing memoar and connected to one another forming another giant network. August 1999 was the time, when Internet got even interesting and attract more people come in to try and see blogging for themselves.

What blogging then became powerful set of equipment to dig the uncle scrooge’s pool, is the fact that it has the power to gather people in. Because no matter how smart and full of knowledges you are, if you don’t master the skill of attracking people, then the day you become Bill Gates would always trapped inside your own day dreaming’s mind. Internet marketing, that used to be exclusived, belong to certain people only, now available to all type of human. Everyone, from the age when they start typing in keyboard to the villagers that opening their first blog’s account, is vunerable to the attack of marketing online.

What exactly internet marketing? Let just say in short, it is your vehicle to your fortune. Internet is the biggest “nation” ever built in humanity. It is the entire “universe” itself. Just imagine, if you only know one secret for the rest of your life, but you find a way to share it to billions of men, how powerful your secret become.

Remember when Michael H. Hart, published his controversial book in 1978, content the list of 100th most influencial man in the history, he put Mohammed, the prophet of muslim world as number one. He made the list based on how much a man able to effect other people’s life and change the face of civilization. It is not who’s the stongest, the smartest, the richest, that whom to him would deserve the top rank. It is simply who have the biggest influence toward other’s men. In that sense, that also what should set your mind and goal in the first place. You may not a genius whom able to invent a sophisticated software or programming script. You may not have any product at all. But as long you know that the only way to transform a stone into gold is by grabbing intention as many people as you can, then you set to go.

That would be the preliminary step.

Now think of this again, if by now you introduced already to the two most basic things for you to start earning cash on internet, what is your next move then? To refresh your hibernate brain again, your two secret weapons are: – BLOG – and The Power of it to connect to unlimited numbers of men behind computer’s monitor. With this, you have to start build your own constructive community. Making friends that is.

Where’s the money? Well, don’t jump too fast or you might fell off the cliff. All you need to do create a blog’s account first. Where should you start? Just choose which ever simpliest. Now, write something on it. Don’t know what to write, write that! Write how difficult it is to start writing. Run out ideas? Go walking around your blog’s neighborhood. Asked their permission to fetch lil bit of his writing for your own. Express your gratitude by linked your writing to his/hers.

Congratulation, you just start making friends already!

You have your blog loaded with your posting. But nobody seems to care. Readers are all you need now. Since the world create by the law of taking and giving, you should know you need to put seeds before begin harvesting. Go climb your fences, and put foot print on somebody else’s land. Or in other word, read others first, before expecting others to read yours! When the seeds start growing, you can move onto the next level. Join networking sites where people seems to love hanging around. Register in forums, community builder, any of place where you know you can connect to many people as one. Again, you spread your seeds and your chain lenghten.

Without you even realized, some new guys in town start lay eyes on you. Find you as their beneficial partner. With your networking basis, you could become their eyes, hands and mouth. Extra careful on choosing to whom you might build partnership with. Make sure that they fit some of these criteria:
1. They are Legal
2. Truth to their words
3. With long enough history of establishment or else having real proof of what they promise you.

If this is what happened, means you can uplifted your small but dedicated home (i.e blog) to bigger and wider space. Construct some empty room where people or company can share advantage of your growing network. These are the place for advertisement.

They are many many ways which you can develop pile of money. But having this basic information should struck you that before you start making yourself fly to the moon, all you need for start is simple home to go back to. And that is what a blog for. Ofcourse blog is the same as having homepage or website. But as we talked from beginning about simplicity, why go the hard way if you can just simplify it.

We will talk more about technicality, on upcoming article. Stay tuned!


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