5 Must Try Foods in Rome

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If you travel to Rome, Italy be it as a tourist or for work reasons there are some foods that are typical of the region and the city that you must try. The interesting thing about Italy is that every region has their own typical dishes, and so besides your share of pizza and gelato dig into the real food culture of the city, here are at least five of the must tries:

“Carciofi alla Romana”- These are artichokes roman style, this is a very simple dish and in fact the ingredients are artichokes, a lemon, some parsley and a bit of mint, garlic and of course olive oil. This is mainly a side dish, and it accompanies well meat, eggs and cheeses.

“Panino con Porchetta”- This is a delicious sandwich that you can find mainly in the markets where people shop. You can find shopping markets pretty much anywhere in the city, and there is always a van that will sell “Panini con porchetta”. Make sure though that the sandwich come with the Rosetta bread, which is a type of bread that has a star shape and a sort of dome on top and has little crumbs inside, this is the type of bread used to make the original “panino con porchetta” and most likely they will slice the meat right then and there.

“Fiori di Zucca”- This literally means pumpkin flowers but that is not what you would eat. You will find the fried Fiori di Zucca mainly in pizzeria’s and trattoria’s in the appetizers section. What they really are is flowers of the yellow squash, and they are stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies and then fried in olive oil.

“Baccala'”- Fried baccala’, another roman specialty, this one can also be served as an appetizer since it usually comes as small filets of fried salt cod fish (baccala’), this dish you can find it in a lot of restaurants besides the pizzeria’s and trattoria’s.

“Pecorino con Fave”- This is a side dish, yet very simple but tasty. Pecorino Romano is a cheese that can have a strong taste to it, and it is made by sheep milk mainly in the regions of Lazio, Tuscany and Sardinia. You have basically a salad made of fava beans and pecorino and on top you drizzle some olive oil and sometimes it comes with balsamic vinegar.


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