7 ways to Conquer Money

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I like to define money as an enabler that can buy anyone anything that can be bought. It’s also a tool used by employers to keep us waking up everyday, dressing up for work, working till we almost drop only to return home and wake up to the same routine the next day. It’s like this year after year.

Money keeps us coming back. Until we understand the nature of it, how to multiply it and get past the vicious cycle, we’ll keep going round and round in circles.

Some people are lucky; they have the ideal kind of work; they get fat bonuses, dont have to work too hard and can save up enough for the rainy days. Others are overworked, underpaid and barely able to make it through the weekend (making it through the month would be too much to ask for).

My message is this:

  • If you love your job, if it gives you enough challenges, is secure, you can save up more than enough money to go on vacations and still have time to run your own business on the side, then you have nothing to worry about
  • If you’re in a job that can pay for the basics, make sure you’re doing what you love but do your best to get an alternative source of income to augment your income. Also work hard to get promoted.
  • If your job is paying enough but you don’t love it, save up a considerable amount and start hunting for what you love. You may start a business too.
  • If your job is not paying enough and you don’t love it, hang in there, but start looking for another job urgently
  • If you have rich parents who have left you more than enough, keep rolling over the money with invesments, travel the world and don’t forget to make a difference in the world while you’re at it!

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