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At O ccupE x You get paid just by browsing our sponsor’s ads. You simply have to go to the View Ads page after logging in to Your members area. You have to click to each link to get credited for that advertisement. Standard members earn $0.01/click, Premium members get $0.0125/click. Each link can be clicked every 24 hours.

It is easy to advertise Your products or services. You can buy Ad Packs starting at only $10 by clicking here. Everyone can see Your ads, but only our registered users clicks are included in the price. So, You get what You pay for and even more since clicks from outside visitors are completly free! You can also buy banner impressions from only 1 Dollar too!

As You already know, You earn after Your direct referrals clicks. If You have trouble referring members, we can solve Your problems! We have a lot of people who join to the site without a referral. We can put these members beneath You, and You will earn for their clicks too!

  • 5 un-referred members = $6.20
  • 15 un-referred members = $18.10
  • 30 un-referred members = $35.65
  • 50 un-referred members = $57.70
  • 100 un-referred members = $110
  • 250 un-referred members = $260

You can see the prices for our un-referred members. After checking out the prices, You can start the calculation… If You buy for example 100 un-referred members for $110, each of them click only 5 ads a day, that is $5 earning a day for You! That means Your investment will be earned back in only 22 days!

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Yes. I do make some money online.


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