Fujifilm soon to release the world’s first 3D digital camera

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Fujifilm is the world’s largest photographic and imaging company which brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries, including electronic imaging, photofinishing equipment, medical systems, life sciences etc. Now Fujifilm is talking the digital camera technology to the next level by offering a 3D digital camera model.

The principle is simple; it uses two lenses whose images are merged into a single 3D picture or movie. You can view three dimensional images without wearing special 3D spectacles. As the camera performs a series of image processing steps automatically, you can take 3D stills and videos with the high quality picture by just pointing the camera and hitting the shutter button.

You can adjust the camera settings to go well with the scene being photographed. You no need to adjust the settings to capture a 3D image as when using the 3D two-shot function, the camera shifts to take the second shot after taking the first shot, and saves a single 3D image in the camera automatically.

Also you can turn this 3D digital camera into a 2D one by hitting the 3D/2D switch button available on either sides of the camera. It is possible to transfer your 3D images to other devices such as SD/SDHC cards, Real 3D camera, and also to your computer via USB or high speed infrared communication.

The 3D digital camera will be available from September 2009 and you can get the camera at just $600.

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