Saurav Ganguly to replace Brendan Mccullam.

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It’s in news that Dada, the great Saurav Ganguly once again going to lead Kolkata Knight Riders. So, what made Shahrukh Khan to take Dada Back to the top?

The formal reason behind this head roll is that New Zealand team will be busy on a pre decided series, so they won’t be able to take part in IPL -3, means Brendan will be busy there and he won’t be able to lead KKR or Kolkata Knight Riders but there are other buzzes as well.

It is well known that KKR gave poor performance in last season of IPL, so it was already decided to remove him from his duties with coach John Buchanan. Players were not happy with the attitude of captain and coach, so as Shahrukh khan, the owner of KKR. It would be better to remove him from the top and get someone else.

Now buzz is that John Wright would be taken in to coach Kolkata Knight Riders. Remember, John Wright, yes, he was the coach of national Team of India in the tenure of Saurav Ganguly as a captain and the combo got some great victories for India. Now Shahrukh Must be thinking and expecting same from the combo this time as well, at least to get a place at semi finals of IPL season 3 in India.

There is one more important question, which would follow Shahrukh Khan that why just Saurav Ganguly to be named as captain, when he was not given chance last season? What Saurav has suddenly done or achieved so that he is contender to being the captain?

But what I would say it will be one more controversial but good decision for KKR and KKR bank accounts as people of Kolkata definitely will turn out and buy tickets to watch all the matches of KKR, no matter if they will be losing or winning. Hope they will win and give great pleasure to people of Kolkata and Lovers of Shahrukh Khan.


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