Kung Fu Panda Xbox 360 game – Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

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Kung-fu Panda is not the sort of game I would normally buy but it came free with my Xbox 360 along with Lego Indiana Jones in a bundle pack. I thought this game was going to be quite bad and I was mostly correct! 

You play Kung Fu Panda as Po most of the time who is a great big panda and the main character in the movie as well. In the main you jump around and when something tries to attack you, you just press random buttons and you nearly always kill whatever is attacking you! While getting to a certain place and jumping around there are certain objects to collect which is very tedious in some ways. However I imagine the game would appeal to its target audience which would be children who liked the movie. 

The game does not last for long even if you collect all the items. It only lasts for a few hours which is quite poor even for modern games! The game would last longer if you played it on all the difficulty levels but I can`t imagine any would want to! 

The graphics are quite good but not brilliant. The characters look like they do in the film so that is nice but there is nothing new or different from the film. 

The sound is not good or bad really. Jack Black voices Po but the rest of the characters ae not played by the same people as in the movie. The music is good and gives the correct fell to the game. 

Overall I would not recommend Kung Fu Panda to serious gamers but would to little children who enjoyed the film. I found the game quite boring and would not play it again any time soon.


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