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How to Write an Article

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First of all, you have to think, what should you have to write the topic and how to get the ideas. After taking into mind this points, now jot down the points on a rough note book. After next you have to write it on fair book. Then here are some points you have to notice.

First, the title of the article is an important aspect to attract the readers. So to impress the readers, a good title will attract ten times the page views of articles with titles that are hastily written. Think about it and decide what title is appropriate for your article.

After the title, your ideas are relevantly short and informative. You have to write down it for 3 or 4 paragraphs. The paragraphs are simply four or five lines are necessary. If so bigger than 5 lines is not interesting to a reader to read your article.

The best articles are relatively short and if your article takes more than 20 minutes to read, then your reader won’t read it. Make it short and keep your articles between 300 to 600 words.

Don’t copy and paste some else’s work. It is not the best way to write and sometimes the reader feels it unnecessary time waste to read your articles. So be confident and write down exactly what points you want to make known.

Lastly check your grammar and spelling mistakes and also whether you have to put the ideas correctly or not. It is an imperative at an end the writer always will check their work. It is an obligatory and best way to check their work 2 or 3 times.

Write down just for passion not for obligation. So then only you will get more ideas and you will know at last how to write an article by knowing whatever information.

After that when your article published, then to promote your article, use some social bookmaking sites like digg, stumbleupon and mylot etc.

So, try these article marketing secrets and get thousands of article page views.

All the best and keep publishing….


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