Exercise can help

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*Exercising regularly these days seems impossible. The media constantly
blasts overweight individuals and stresses the fact that a health pandemic
is inevitable. You see stats from various countries and they all point to
one thing, a good portion of us humans are gaining weight. This is
definitely not something new; it has happened before but the difference is,
these days people just don’t have enough motivation. Medical professionals
and public health organizations always remind us of the benefits of
exercising regularly, but we just don’t take note of it anymore. Lets take a
few minutes to talk about some of the benefits of exercise. *

*-Exercise can help fight common diseases. Research studies show that
individuals who exercise regularly have a better chance of preventing and
managing many common diseases. These diseases include certain types of
cancers, heart complications such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high
blood pressure. Think about it, if you exercise 30 minutes a day, you have a
better chance of combating these diseases. You already spend hours a week
watching TV and surfing the net, why don’t you do something that can improve
your life and help you live longer?*

*-Exercise can help improve your mind. Have you ever seen a person get very
frustrated or stressed? Do you ever wonder why some of these people take
deep breaths and walk around briskly? This is because exercise can help
relax you in tense situations. The next time you get angry, go for a light
20 minute jog and see how you feel. Are you stressed about your financial
situation? Go lift some weights for a few minutes and get on that treadmill,
I guarantee you, you will feel relaxed and happy after you do it.*

*-Exercise helps you obtain and maintain a healthy weight. Let me make it
simple for you, when you exercise you burn calories and fat. You get
these calories and fats from eating food and if you do not exercise, they
will rest in your body and inflate it like a ballon. IF you want to lose
weight, calculate the amount of calories you consume in a day and
try to exercise so that you burn enough of them. *

*-Exercise can enhance the condition of your heart and lungs. Remember the
saying, “the more you do it, the better you get at it”? Well it applies
here! The more you exercise, the more your cardiovascular system improves
and you will be able to pump more blood and breathe air in and out more
efficiently. *

*Remember, all you need is 30 minutes of exercise everyday and you are
likely to have improved body functions and a better life. Exercise is one of
those few things which can improve both your inside and outside. It can help
relive your stress and ease your mind and at the same time, it can give you
an appealing body. *

*Some of the best exercises include:*

*-Push Ups*






*There are also small things that you can do to get fit and stay that way.
Try using a bicycle instead of a car. Use the stairs instead of the
elevator. Instead of watching TV on a couch, go to your local gym and watch
TV as you exercise on the treadmill. Best of all, join a gym, make friends
who can motivate you and help you stay committed and most importantly, watch
what you eat.*
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